Windows 7 Performance, Issues and a lot of fun

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My goal was to write something about gaming and Windows 7, like in the old post but in the meantime a lot happend and so I decided to write some more technical information in the article. Well, it all started when I was searching for a solution for my Soundcard. Im running a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and well, at least, with a lot of reading in different forums the card works as it should be. I was playing the first day and not mentioned that something was wrong, just wondered about a missing Equalizer so I checked Creative´s website for a possible driver and application install. The official drivers doesnt seem to work so I downloaded some inofficial one´s instead. I choosed the Drivers of Daniel_K who did a excellent job. At my first try it become a bluescreen, windows suggest me at this point to load a restore point and after the restore I give it a second try and this time everything worked fine. The Problem I had was a scratching sound, in audio applications like winamp, mediaplayer, in video or dvd viewing and in gaming too. The solution for the scratching is for gods sake a simple one, at least for audigy 2 ZS Owners, other soundcards maybe not involved in this issue, not sure about that. Remember when you bought the soundcard and the cover said “24 Bit 96.000 hz” ? Well, right, activate the SPDIF Outlet and rightklick on it choose Properties and switch to the advanced tab, now select 2 channel – 24 bit – 96.000 hz studio quality and you should be fine, I got a brilliant sound, better than ever without any problems.

Well, the performance with the new Windows 7 Beta is awesome. It has included DirectX 11 so I think there will be a ServicePack 2 for MS Vista to get in use of DX11 there soon.

I played World in conflict, who is running really smooth in DX10, Mass Effect and Eve so far. I also checked out the Demo of Fear 2 who was running also smooth with maxed out details and a resolution of 1360 x 768.

If you have also some problems with the sound I hope this workaround helps.


Armed Assault 2 Trailer

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There is a new Trailer available for Armed Assault 2, check it out here.

Armed Assault 2 is a military simulation and much more that a poor Shooter with a military background. Its the Sequel to Armed Assault who is very similar to Operation Flashpoint. Armed Assault 1 + 2 let you play against the AI as against human players via network/internet.

Gaming with Windows 7

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Yesterday I installed the Windows 7 Beta on my System just for testing purposes and check Microsofts new flagship down to the Bones. I have to say, damn good job they did this time. I checked a few things but Im only at the beginning. But I think its time to write some sentences about the performance and the stability of the system.



So, here we go. First of all, the System feels very stable and really comfortable in the status of a beta. Microsoft use the Windows 7 Ultimate for the beta testing and I think you can still go to the Microsoft Website and registering to participate in the Beta. So since yesterday I checked the hardware but everything runs smooth, I just installed the newest Nvidia Driver for my Graphic Adapter and get a fix for my soundcard directly via the microsoft Update who´s automatically done by the system. The Windows Media Player in combination with Windows Media Center is automatically installed. Thats the one thing I was not impressed of, the Media Center is looking really cool and very nice and easy to use but it needs accleration, its so slow when you look a stream over the internet, they had to fasten this up but its stable. After the hardware was working fine I checked the Desktop, you will start with a empty desktop, yo you believe this? They learned from the users, I cant believe it. The Only two icons are a feedback report tool and the recycle bin.  So the user gets complete control what the desktop look like. You can download designs online or use the existing ones or create your own, no problem with that at all. Like Vista you will find a predefined game directory and if you install new Games a shortcut will placed there. You will find more information about updates, ratings and a option to stick on the startmenu or the taskbar as you can see in the screenshot.



 I played Eve Online and Jericho and both Games running smoother than on Windows XP. To test the a ultimate brand new game I decided to download the Demo Version of Fear 2. I maxed out all the sliders and Resolution with 4x Antialiasing and it looks so nice with Direct X 10 and runnning real smooth with about 45 frames per second, Eve Online running around 80 fps. At this moment Im installing some new games to going in further. I dont write about the other topics of Windows 7 like security, handling etc. cause I think this is a gaming blog and there will be others to write about that. I will post some new screenshots of other games when I installed and checked them.


Have a nice Weekend

Jumpgate Evolution – 3 new Screens

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Jumpgate Evolution is a MMORPG and takes place in the future. The Player explore the universe, keep fighting against the KI and other players, advances in Rank and technology and so on. The Game is in this moment in the closed Beta and the release date has been announced in April. Well, there are 3 new Screenshots who shows the new engine in action. Well, take a look for yourselfs.




Mafia 2

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Allright, get the Kids out, darken the room, put in the vintage music of the 40´s and fire up Mafia 2.  I played Mafia 1 at least 10 times, this game was so perfect, brilliant story, really good graphics, a nice and easy to learn gameplay and everytime you played the game you discovered something new. A long while ago, Mafia 2 was announced and I think its time to write a overview about the facts to be known within. I will play it as soon I can get my hands on it, promised.

Mafia 2

Well, Mafia is currently beeing developed since 4 Years now, there are several trailers of ingame footage available and I will add one clip at the end of this article. The Graphics and Animation System is not licensed but self engineered. At the videos it looks very smooth and nice but for accurate data you will have to see it on your own machine so lets wait again. There will be fifty vehicles drivable by the player and they changed the system to drive them. In Mafia you had to learn the ability how to steel the car to drive them, this time you can drive any car straight from the beginning of the game but when you try to steal a car you have to do some minigame to compete. Well, no more details on that but when this information will be available I will add them to this article at once. There will be PhysX Support, you know what this means dont you? If you shooting like a goon the enviroment will look like this very shortly, physically correct calculated. 



The Game himself will be much more brutal and harder since the first part. You play a fresh guy who comes to Empire City (Close to New York in the 40s/50s). There a three families and you have sooner or later choose one to be with. So, I will play it three times at least. There will be a simple coversystem so you can hide behind a box, a corner whatever. This time, the main story is one thing but there will be Sidequest to gain more money or respect.

After Mafia they had to do a great job to top the game or even get equal. It looks good so far, I just hope that they will finish the job and not delivering a buggy product like GTA IV.


GamesCON in Cologne

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Official statements from the german government confirmed the change from the Leipzig Games Convention to the GAMESCON in Cologne. The Games Convention was one of the biggest gaming events in Europe. It was similar to the E3 in Las Vegas. With the change of the location from Leipzig to Cologne a big step was made and the first Gamescon will possibly in September 2009. Check out the event section for details.