Mafia 2

Allright, get the Kids out, darken the room, put in the vintage music of the 40´s and fire up Mafia 2.  I played Mafia 1 at least 10 times, this game was so perfect, brilliant story, really good graphics, a nice and easy to learn gameplay and everytime you played the game you discovered something new. A long while ago, Mafia 2 was announced and I think its time to write a overview about the facts to be known within. I will play it as soon I can get my hands on it, promised.

Mafia 2

Well, Mafia is currently beeing developed since 4 Years now, there are several trailers of ingame footage available and I will add one clip at the end of this article. The Graphics and Animation System is not licensed but self engineered. At the videos it looks very smooth and nice but for accurate data you will have to see it on your own machine so lets wait again. There will be fifty vehicles drivable by the player and they changed the system to drive them. In Mafia you had to learn the ability how to steel the car to drive them, this time you can drive any car straight from the beginning of the game but when you try to steal a car you have to do some minigame to compete. Well, no more details on that but when this information will be available I will add them to this article at once. There will be PhysX Support, you know what this means dont you? If you shooting like a goon the enviroment will look like this very shortly, physically correct calculated. 



The Game himself will be much more brutal and harder since the first part. You play a fresh guy who comes to Empire City (Close to New York in the 40s/50s). There a three families and you have sooner or later choose one to be with. So, I will play it three times at least. There will be a simple coversystem so you can hide behind a box, a corner whatever. This time, the main story is one thing but there will be Sidequest to gain more money or respect.

After Mafia they had to do a great job to top the game or even get equal. It looks good so far, I just hope that they will finish the job and not delivering a buggy product like GTA IV.



~ by Faxe on January 29, 2009.

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