Gaming with Windows 7

Yesterday I installed the Windows 7 Beta on my System just for testing purposes and check Microsofts new flagship down to the Bones. I have to say, damn good job they did this time. I checked a few things but Im only at the beginning. But I think its time to write some sentences about the performance and the stability of the system.



So, here we go. First of all, the System feels very stable and really comfortable in the status of a beta. Microsoft use the Windows 7 Ultimate for the beta testing and I think you can still go to the Microsoft Website and registering to participate in the Beta. So since yesterday I checked the hardware but everything runs smooth, I just installed the newest Nvidia Driver for my Graphic Adapter and get a fix for my soundcard directly via the microsoft Update who´s automatically done by the system. The Windows Media Player in combination with Windows Media Center is automatically installed. Thats the one thing I was not impressed of, the Media Center is looking really cool and very nice and easy to use but it needs accleration, its so slow when you look a stream over the internet, they had to fasten this up but its stable. After the hardware was working fine I checked the Desktop, you will start with a empty desktop, yo you believe this? They learned from the users, I cant believe it. The Only two icons are a feedback report tool and the recycle bin.  So the user gets complete control what the desktop look like. You can download designs online or use the existing ones or create your own, no problem with that at all. Like Vista you will find a predefined game directory and if you install new Games a shortcut will placed there. You will find more information about updates, ratings and a option to stick on the startmenu or the taskbar as you can see in the screenshot.



 I played Eve Online and Jericho and both Games running smoother than on Windows XP. To test the a ultimate brand new game I decided to download the Demo Version of Fear 2. I maxed out all the sliders and Resolution with 4x Antialiasing and it looks so nice with Direct X 10 and runnning real smooth with about 45 frames per second, Eve Online running around 80 fps. At this moment Im installing some new games to going in further. I dont write about the other topics of Windows 7 like security, handling etc. cause I think this is a gaming blog and there will be others to write about that. I will post some new screenshots of other games when I installed and checked them.


Have a nice Weekend


~ by Faxe on January 31, 2009.

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