Windows 7 Performance, Issues and a lot of fun

My goal was to write something about gaming and Windows 7, like in the old post but in the meantime a lot happend and so I decided to write some more technical information in the article. Well, it all started when I was searching for a solution for my Soundcard. Im running a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and well, at least, with a lot of reading in different forums the card works as it should be. I was playing the first day and not mentioned that something was wrong, just wondered about a missing Equalizer so I checked Creative´s website for a possible driver and application install. The official drivers doesnt seem to work so I downloaded some inofficial one´s instead. I choosed the Drivers of Daniel_K who did a excellent job. At my first try it become a bluescreen, windows suggest me at this point to load a restore point and after the restore I give it a second try and this time everything worked fine. The Problem I had was a scratching sound, in audio applications like winamp, mediaplayer, in video or dvd viewing and in gaming too. The solution for the scratching is for gods sake a simple one, at least for audigy 2 ZS Owners, other soundcards maybe not involved in this issue, not sure about that. Remember when you bought the soundcard and the cover said “24 Bit 96.000 hz” ? Well, right, activate the SPDIF Outlet and rightklick on it choose Properties and switch to the advanced tab, now select 2 channel – 24 bit – 96.000 hz studio quality and you should be fine, I got a brilliant sound, better than ever without any problems.

Well, the performance with the new Windows 7 Beta is awesome. It has included DirectX 11 so I think there will be a ServicePack 2 for MS Vista to get in use of DX11 there soon.

I played World in conflict, who is running really smooth in DX10, Mass Effect and Eve so far. I also checked out the Demo of Fear 2 who was running also smooth with maxed out details and a resolution of 1360 x 768.

If you have also some problems with the sound I hope this workaround helps.


~ by Faxe on February 5, 2009.

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