Hey and welcome to my blog “passionate Gaming”


I decided to start this blog after I read some articles on a public website of a pc gaming magazine. It seems to me that there are no realistic articles out there who try to warn the gamer about a game that is crap. Almost every game will probably be over 75% final result and this cant be. So I decided to write my own articles of games that I played by myself. I will not write a final statement to a game that I dont played or just played a tech preview or something. You will find here previews, Reviews, actual Games and some Old School Games too.

If you like the articles or missing something, just drop me a line or leave a comment. Well, its just the beginning but every blog has a start.

Some facts about me, Im 33 Years old and play since 20 years now. It all started with a C64 from Commodore. After some years I get my hand on a Amiga but dont liked it, nice graphics and sound but no chance to use the Keyboard when you know what Im talking about. So I decided to change the platform to a pc. My first PC I buyed 1991 and it was a 386DX 25 Mhz with a 1 Mb VGA Graphic Adapter, 2 Mb of Ram and a Soundblaster Soundcard. I choosed MS Dos as operating system and it worked well. Today I still have a Pc. I never bought a gaming console cause its not in my interest. So you will probably not read anything about console games in this blog, sorry for that. Maybe someday but not in the near future. So, have fun reading and enjoy your stay.





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